​Your hand in mine

I hold on tightly 

For all that time, after nine,

Worry disappears

And peace fills me

As your voice rings through my ears;

It’s 1 am before I know it

I look at your smile and 

I’m falling in love I admit

“Don’t think too loud” 

I think to myself

“Not until you feel him thinking it too”

I vowed

“I heard you”

I hear him whisper

Softer and more fleeting than smoke 

I could have sworn on that silent night

His voice couldn’t have been crisper 

He doesn’t say anything after that,

Neither do I 

Can’t help but think it’s me,

Love is taking a dig at

It’s 4 a.m. then,

On one side of the bed is me 

And the other, it’s him. 


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