Your eyes are gleaming. you’ve had too much to drink. But I haven’t. I can walk straight and I’m not seeing double. There’s too much noise and too many sweaty bodies around us. Ours are one of them. We’re bathed in a dull, lifeless red light, squinting because it’s still too dark to see each other.
“Let’s go” I shout in your ear. It feels like a whisper.
You nod.
You take my hand and I lead you out.
It’s hush as we drive back to your place. Rain has started to fall. You don’t speak but I can feel your eyes on me.
What are you thinking? I want to know what you’re thinking so hard about?
I sneak a glance. You’re licking your lips and then you turn away.
As we rush inside, the rain catches us. Slightly damp clothes on hot bodies.
You’re looking at me again and I can’t stop myself from looking at you.
You move toward me. I’m scared.
Your hands are holding my waist and your lips are a breath apart and I’m looking at you because you’re so beautiful.
And I’m desperate to taste your lips and so I do. I put my mouth on yours and I breathe in what is you. And you’re undressing me. My shirt comes off and my brassiere and then my skirt. Everything’s gone from our bodies when we’re kissing.
You hoist me up and I’m carried off to your bedroom where you lay me down on your bed. And you’re on top of me, kissing my neck and then my chest, caressing my breasts. My legs wrap around your waist as you nibble on my teat. I’m pulling you closer and I can feel you grow against me.
You’re kissing me again when you thrust into me gently. I wince.
You stop. I’m breathing very hard. You look at me as if expecting me to say stop
I don’t. I nod.
You’re even gentler. I feel you inside me and it’s not pain anymore. It’s bliss.
I nod again.
You thrust again. I’m holding onto your back as you go deep.
Then a moan with another thrust. Faster I want to say; only a moan comes out. But you understand. And then you’re faster and I’m clutching the sheets, my back arching. I’m so close.
We’re breathing so hard and I’m moaning and then I’m enveloped in euphoria. I can feel my insides just turn to dust. A loud moan.
Quavers. Shivers. That’s what I’m reduced to.
As I pant, I look at you, grinding your teeth, still thrusting, still making me go crazy.
A few more thrusts and you come too; a small moan, that gives me goosebumps.
You fall on top of me. So warm. And sweaty.
You roll over an pull me close to your chest.
I want to stay here forever.
My eyes are closing slowly. I feel so safe with you here, stroking my hair and making patterns on my skin.
When my eyes open again the sun’s out. And you’re not beside me. I can hear you call my name out. I can hear pots and pans.
“Breakfast” you say.
I wrap the sheet around myself and get off the bed, looking for a hair tie.
It’s in the corner on the mattress.

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